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8-Piece Black Border Magnifying Glass Jewelry Loupes Set

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Computer screen magnifier--

Small size, light weight, and ultra-thin design make this magnifying glass a convenient accessory that doesn't take up much space. It is easy to carry around, allowing you to magnify your computer screen wherever you go.

Reading magnifier for books--

With its lightweight and thin construction, this full-page magnifying glass is perfect for avid readers. It offers portability, enabling you to hold it comfortably while reading, and conveniently store it when not in use.

Reading magnifying glass--

This full-page magnifier is an invaluable aid for the elderly or those with low vision. It enables them to read small prints with ease, providing a practical solution for enhancing their reading experience.

Magnifier for reading--

Designed to provide magnification, this magnifying glass is a must-have for individuals with low vision. It ensures that users can read text, regardless of its size, helping them overcome any visual challenges they may face.

Full-page magnifier--

The perfect magnifying tool for home, school, or any reading environment, this full-page magnifier offers enhanced visibility and convenience for all your reading needs.


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